Kebab Mix

Kebab Mix

The word KABAB ( KEBAB ) originated in the Middle East and is also common In other languages worldwide, with numerous spellings and variants. It has various definitions in different varieties of languages, in different cultures.

Kabab’s have rapidly become a famous and tasty delicacy across the world, especially in India.

The history of the kabab traces back to myriads of both Asian and African cuisines. The word kebab means ‘to roast’. The term can also be referred to as a meat patty mixed with spices.

In Asian countries, kababs are served mostly with rice and salad, however it is now served in different forms with bread as well, with the passage of time, and kababs have managed to find a very significant place in modern day cuisines.

Insta Blend’s Kabab Mix is a Blend of Indian Spices Extracts made easy to cook.

Spices, yoghurt and mint form integral part of the ingredients, Marinates the Kabab Instantly yet Deliciously Juicy.

3 Quick Steps MIX and Marinate, DEEP FRY, SERVE, Brings you the best Appetizer for your Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Delicacy.

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